Segment Anything (Meta)

Segment Anything (Meta)

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Learn about Segment Anything (Meta) and it's pricing model and every basic thing I should know before using it.

Segment Anything (Meta) AI offers a tool called Segment Anything Model (SAM), an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can cut out any object in any image. SAM is promptable and has zero-shot generalization to unfamiliar images and objects. It uses a variety of input prompts that enable flexible integration with other AI systems. SAM can also be trained to annotate images and improve its dataset. The SAM model is designed to be efficient and flexible to power its data engine. The project members include Alexander Kirillov, Eric Mintun, Nikhila Ravi, and many other contributors. The code is available on GitHub, and users can sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on their latest research breakthroughs.

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