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Learn about Prompt Vibes and it's pricing model and every basic thing I should know before using it.

PromptVibes is a massive collection of useful chatGPT prompts that users can steal to become ChatGPT experts. It provides prompts from various categories such as learn from ChatGPT, funny prompts, expert ChatGPT, productivity, coding prompts, writing prompts, marketing prompts, roleplay, and play a game. It allows users to turn ChatGPT into an interviewer, personal financial advisor, personal nutritionist, advertiser, AI writing tutor, antigpt jailbreak, ASCII artist, betterDAN jailbreak, career counselor, character from movie/book/anything, cognitive dissonance theory marketer, community facebook ads manager, composer, cooper jailbreak, customer success content writer, debate coach, debater, dev mode v2 jailbreak, devmode+ranti jailbreak, dude v3 jailbreak, english pronunciation helper, english translator and improver, essay writer, ethical DAN, evil confidant, excel sheet, fullstack software developer, generate marketing campaign plan using self-efficacy theory, growth hacker using the growth flywheel framework, influencer facebook ads manager, jailbreak jailbreak, javascript console, khajiit jailbreak, lean startup methodology marketing generator, leveraging social comparison for marketing

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